Gucci’s Toronto store welcomes Florentine Artisans

Last Friday, Gucci hosted a private cocktail party in their Toronto store to present the Artisan Corner. This was an event that no visitor will soon forget. The night was not special because of its elaborate cocktails or delectable canapes.  This night was a night to remember because it was the first night that clients were able to witness first hand the amazing craftsmanship required for assembling a Gucci handbag.  Gucci flew in a team of Florentine artisans who, over the course of the evening, hand stitched handles, assembled bamboo tassels, prepared leather strips for woven stitching and hand embossed customer’s initials into bags. I guarantee you more than one individual walked away from the evening with a brand new perspective on Gucci and the effort that goes into making each and every handbag.

For those that chose to purchase a bag on the night not only did they get their initials embossed in the piece but they also came away with a special plaque in the bag that had the location and date embossed upon it.

The evening was a huge success for Gucci and for the clients involved. This is just one example of why Gucci is at the top of their game when it comes to luxury. Their customer service is unparalleled in many ways. Creating a night in which we all come away understanding why we invest so many hard earned dollars into gorgeous leather bags…well, that’s just a fantastic plus for current and perspective buyers. If you weren’t a Gucci fan at the start of the evening you surely were by the end of it! 

Here are a few pics from the memorable evening…


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