The Fashion Goose waddles through Selfridges Shoe Galleries…

Have you ever dreamt of a shoe heaven?  What little girl (and some little boys too) haven’t dreamt of a room filled floor to ceiling with gorgeous shoes in every possible material?  Selfridges decided to make every one of our dreams a reality in creating the newest addition to the mega department store…the Shoe Galleries! Before I take you on a photographic tour (with some pretty lame pics as my camera broke the moment I walked in so had to use the Blackberry) let me give you a few facts and figures you need to know about this space:

  • There are 4,000 shoes on display
  • There are 55,000 shoes in stock
  • Over 150 brands on offer
  • The space was designed by Jamie Fobert
  • There are six unique shoe galleries, surrounded by 11 beautiful boutiques created by the world’s most iconic shoe brands, and one hanging garden.

Enjoy the tour…


Selfridges & Co Ltd


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