Coach coming to the UK!

Coach has been a big purchase for many Europeans travelling to American shores for years and now they are finally laying down some roots in good ole blighty! Coach tried their luck on UK shores once before in the 1990s and the story didn’t turn out so sweet in the end and we waved goodbye from the White Cliffs of Dover. That’s all ancient history now! It’s good to see that they’ve pulled themselves back up, dusted themselves off and are giving it a second try! They are confident that their new look will be a winner on these shores. I for one am looking forward to feeling that buttery soft leather on a regular basis!

So far two store locations have been revealed, which will open this summer- a 3,000 square-foot shop at Westfield mall and a 5,000 square-foot flagshop store on New Bond Street.  Coach is then hoping to expand with 10 to 15 stores throughout the United Kingdom. Price points will range from £175 to £550 for the fine leather accessories.

Shall we throw a tea party for their arrival this Summer?


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