Burlington Coat factory pays Fendi $10 million

For those of you with your head in a hole for the past year let me fill you in on the nitty gritty details.  Fendi has had sort of a rough ride with counterfeit goods over the past two decades.  Back in the 80s Fendi discovered that Burlington Coat Factory was stocking fake Fendi bags on their shelves.  Legal action was taken but Burlington Coat Factory didn’t seem to mind much as they kept on selling the merchandise. In 2004 Fendi sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Burlington Coat Factory as they continued to find the designer fakes for sale. It’s been war ever since!

Then we find out that Sam’s Club was selling fake Fendi bags (and disturbingly I know about a dozen people that bought these bags while shopping for party supplies…they were there and cheap…what do you expect?). Sam’s Club paid out a lump sum to Fendi which even to this day remains confidential.  

However, the Fendi vs. Burlington Coat Factory counterfeiting war has been so public and nasty we’ve been waiting for ages to hear a number! And it’s finally in.  Burlington Coat Factory must pay Fendi in excess of $10 million for violating an injunction set in 1986 and for damages, attorney fees, etc.  Perhaps this will be a lesson learned for those among us who believe they can take as they wish from talented and successful design houses?


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