Anthropologie opening accessories only store

At the end of this month Chevy Chase, Maryland will be the first city in America to get an Anthropologie Accessories store! The 1,400 square foot store will open on Wisconsin Ave and will sell everything from shoes to belts to jewelery.  The store will have that same Anthropologie charm we are used to seeing in all the usual stores located around the world but will specialize in gorgeous accessories only. And there’s no more worrying about someone else having the same cocktail ring or statement necklace as you…the Anthropologie accessories store will feature one-of-a-kind pieces of estate, antique and custom made jewelry. However, the real special on show in stores will be the shoes.  Shoes make up for over 50% of the items on sale  and range in price from $150 to $350.  Keep an eye out as there may be one of these stores opening in a city near you soon! 

Picture taken from the October Catalogue for Anthropologie…click here to view now. 


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