Alexander McQueen sued by Hells Angels

Alexander McQueen is currently in a bit of a legal battle with the biggest badasses in town, Hells Angels.  Totally random, right? Well, maybe not so random. Ever seen a Hells Angels jacket? 

The Hells Angels Corporation is claiming that the McQueen Hell’s Knuckle Duster Ring, along with several other items of  McQueen clothing and accessories, are all copies of the logo that belongs to the famous motorcycle gang.

Image courtesy of Gentleman’s Reminiscenc

The Angels are now suing McQueen in California Federal Court.  Apparently they aren’t just suing for extra cash for the club…they are concerned for those that step out wearing the McQueen logo.  Apparently Hells Angels don’t take too kindly to imposters.  Watch out McQueen fans! You might want to keep these items under lock and key for a while…or at least until the dust settles.

It seems most online retailers have quickly removed the items from their site claiming they are “no longer available.” Smart move…


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