Vogue…my dream machine…

As a teenager I was a dreamer…and a bit of a recluse. I would get lost in glossy magazines and only come up for air when my stomach’s growling could be heard around the block.  I so badly wanted to fade away into the pages and live within dozens of ruffles on couture dresses.  As that was, in fact, impossible I decided to play a game with myself instead. For every fashion magazine I received I would pretend that I was given the opportunity to choose ten items, no matter what the cost, from the adverts in each issue.  Those were the items that had to make up my closet for that month! Oh the fun I had doing this. You’ll never know. I was obviously a very big dreamer. The thing is, I still play this game even today even if I am not completely aware of it. Only now I am fortunate enough to actually be able to afford some of the items. There are still the dream pieces. In fact, the dream pieces still make up about 50% of the list. I decided to play the game today with my September issue of Vogue and share the results with all my readers…so here we go…here are the ten items I selected as “must haves” from the Issue:


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