The Telegraph launches its new fashion channel…a party to celebrate!

Ask me to tell you how many years I’ve been reading Hilary Alexander and I’ll tell you I’ve lost count. She’s one woman I hold responsible for my unhealthy obsession with fashion.  This is a woman that can write fashion as if it were as important in the world as the Holy Bible. So when I get an invite with her name on it…I sit up and take notice.  What doubly grabs my attention is an invite that involves Hilary Alexander and the internet!  This was exactly what was celebrated this evening at Number One Marylebone…an online world of everything fashion and beauty. You can now visit and explore everything you’d ever want to know about looking better than you already do! Trust me, no one is excluded from that! We can all improve on what we consider to be perfection and the perfect place to start is with instruction from the head mistress herself, Ms. Alexander. However, you don’t just get Hilary Alexander as a Sartorial tour guide… you will also find contributions from the world famous Kate Shapland and Justine Picardie!

There’s only one problem I foresee with the site.  How do I put this?  Well, the problem is that the site is going to put me even further into debt than I already am! If you see something you love you can click one of two buttons… the “buy”button and the “love”button.  One takes you to buy it and the other stores your love list so that you can buy it as soon as you have the cash flow. Is that dangerous or what?! 

You also need to make sure and get on the site this week to take advantage of some great competitions they have going on with my heaven of all heavens…Net-a-Porter! They’ll be giving away Chloe Boots, a Gucci Coat, Louboutin Heels, a Michael Kors Dress and a Miu Miu bag….have I said enough?

I won’t give you the whole highlight reel here, I’ll just suggest you go and check it out ASAP.

As I love you guys I do have to share one little anecdote that will make you snicker.  I attended the Elle 25th Anniversary party directly after the Telegraph party (post still to come)…and a woman approached me as I was sipping my first glass of champagne in the front hall of Whitechapel Gallery.  She said, “hey, didn’t I just see you watching out for Hilary Alexander’s wine glass at the Telegraph Party?”  Yup, that’s right, people…Hilary Alexander asked me to look after her wine as she stepped outside for a moment at the party. So that’s my claim to fame.  Hey, everyone has to start somewhere!


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