Sponsored Post: Big British Beauty Poll

So what’s the biggest problem that you have about beauty products? I know I have a laundry list of complaints that I share with beauty PRs on a regular basis. However, not every woman has the opportunity to speak straight to the brains behind beauty products so the manufacturers aren’t getting the full story when it comes to what we like or dislike.  Well, now’s your chance to give them the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Oil of Olay is conducting a Poll for Britain called the Big British Beauty Poll. Does what it says on the tin really.  It is a comprehensive study of everything concerning skincare!

Olay asked a number* of British women the following question: ‘Do you think beauty companies listen to your views?’ A staggering 92%* of those questioned said ‘NO’. As a result, Olay, decided to launch The Big British Beauty Poll.  Every woman from aged 18 to 65 has a part to play in this poll.  Oil of Olay are giving you an opportunity to have a voice.  They’re also offering 500,000 women in the UK the chance to trial, rate and review the newest luxury super serum they are about to release.

The poll is live now and you can get your thoughts into the experts up until the 20th of October. My recommendation – don’t hold back. This is a good chance to say everything you’ve ever wanted to about what you love, what you hate and what you’d like to see changed! 


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