Sharon Osbourne…why have you done this to your face?!

When will people realise that these sort of procedures make you look like an alien? It is not attractive and I can’t believe doctors allow people to go through with procedures that make them look so disfigured. Because that’s all I can think when I look at Sharon. She’s been given a horrible bit of work! Ladies…please think twice before undergoing plastic surgery or getting fillers, etc.  There’s nothing wrong with aging gracefully if you take care of yourself. Just look at the Redgrave family! No surgery and the most beautiful women out there! Yes, they have wrinkles. Wrinkles just show that you have lived your life!

The Daily Mail is reporting that Sharon Osbourne has had over £120,000 worth of plastic surgery including a face lift, breast surgery and lipo! Read more from the Daily Mail about this horrific story. Poor, poor confused lady.

Image Source: Daily Mail


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