Louise Amstrup Spring Summer 2011 Backstage with Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka kindly invited me to step backstage this season to cover the Louise Amstrup 2011 Spring Summer runway show. I swear by Dr. Hauschka products and I’m not alone.  More than one model I spoke to today will ONLY use Dr. Hauschka on their skin.  You have to trust the models. They make their money on their skin being perfect. However, I wasn’t aware until today that Dr. Hauschka are also experts in makeup! I can’t know it all, sadly! 

A gorgeous pink taxi picked me up this morning and ferried me straight over to the show (and also to my other London Fashion Week destinations today). When I arrived I was greeted by a team of makeup artists second to none and so much Dr. Hauschka product I could have died and gone to heaven.  I also embarrassed myself greatly by asking Louise Amstrup where the Louise Amstrup show was. Someone smack me and stick a sock in my big mouth! Louise, if you should read this I cannot even begin to apologise enough for that whole mishap.  I feel like a moron! Thank you for laughing it off. Most designers would have thrown me out on the sidewalk at that very moment. Anyway, I’m getting away from the topic at hand. 

After meeting Louise and the whole Dr. Hauschka team I set to work with my camera to capture the glowing looks and flowing locks. Louise and I spoke about the collection and the look she hoped to achieve with the hair and makeup. Louise wanted a girl who looked like she had been wandering the American desert (you’ll see why in the post about the collection itself).  She wanted the girls to look hot, sweaty and windswept while maintaining their gorgeous natural glow. Of course Dr. Hauschka is the perfect partner to achieve such a look as this is a beauty regime and makeup company that want you to make the best of the skin you’re in. The girls’ makeup was a natural look that gave them glowing perfect skin which resembled the appearance one would have if battling the desert heat.  The hair was definitely windswept and messy but it was a look that would compliment the collection on the runway. It’s all part of the show! No hair or makeup is achieved by accident! 

It was a such a pleasure to see these amazing people work. I wish everyone in the world could see how much effort goes into creating a runway look and the massive amount of people that spend their lives making these shows possible.  A designer does not stand alone. They exist because of a team of dedicated and hard working individuals.

Thank to you Dr. Hauschka for allowing me to watch the action as it happens and thank you to Louise Amstrup for giving me a glimpse into the fabulous life of a designer. For all of you that are in love with Louise Amstrup’s Collection keep a look out. I’m trying to get her out for tea over the coming weeks so we can sit down and really talk about her designs and her thoughts on the industry in general!

Here’s a look behind the scenes of the show. A lot went into the look you see above…herewith is only a snapshot…


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