Kell On Earth set to take over UK televisions this September

Ladies and gentleman, sit up and pay attention! I have important news to deliver that’s UK specific… DMAX will be airing the first episode of Kell on Earth this month for all of you eager fashion beavers out there in the United Kingdom.  If you don’t know the name “Kelly Cutrone” by now you might as well slap yourself and admit you are not a true follower of anything fashion related. Kelly Cutrone is our goddess of fashion for the noughties. Anna Wintour who?  Kelly is the only name to know these days and she is the woman every young girl now wants to be or at least be like when they are mature enough to enter the world of fashion PR.  She’s the founder of People’s Revolution (a PR powerhouse) a single mother and a generally kick-ass individual.

I’ve been lucky enough to watch the entire series through sources that cannot be revealed…(ok, mom TIVOed the whole series for me last Spring) and I have to say it’s a roller coaster ride of a series. You see Kelly in full frontal PR mode, in adoring mother mode and in general disappointment for the world mode. It’s a little bit of everything rolled into one.  But what makes it special and real and appealing is its honesty.  This isn’t scripted, people. You couldn’t script this if you tried. Kelly is the real deal and she’s bringing you the truth. She’s not sugarcoating it for you.  She’s not piling on the foundation to hide any imperfections. She’s alive and in front of you as the person she is every day of the year. The only difference here is that she has a camera tagging along. How many reality shows can you say the same about? I for one can’t say I know of any.

Here’s a preview of the the first episode. You’ll fall in love instantly, trust me…and if you don’t, perhaps you should be reading a different blog.

And if I may, on a personal note to Kelly Cutrone – thank you for showing the real world of fashion, the gritty reality of how the world works and the hard work it requires.


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