J. Crew opens online factory store

This is absolutely brilliant marketing. A shop online that’s only open on the weekends and gives you factory store prices! What will J.Crew think of next?  Only, what I’ve seen so far doesn’t exactly make me want to run over and shop until I drop. If we’re being honest here, as we hope we always will be, we were really let down by the new J. Crew Factory Store.  Not only was the selection pretty poor but the prices were not even that good of a deal! The same can usually be said for the physical factory stores in outlets. Here are a few examples of why I was upset by the new site…

Not one of J. Crew’s best items but doable….but only $5 off? You would find a better deal in the regular J. Crew sale.

Another not so great item that’s three times the price of the last one and yet only $10 off. Seeing a pattern here?

This is the only item that I found on the whole site that I would purchase. Classic, gorgeous and a pretty good markdown.  

I’d like to add a little disclaimer. I am not a J. Crew hater. In fact J. Crew is the first shop I pop into when I touch down on US soil every couple of months. I have a massive collection of items spanning over the past five seasons. So when they announced a launch of an online Factory Store I went mental! But now having seen the offerings I am a pretty blue consumer. 

Let’s hope it improves over time!


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