I might have to start watching “Dancing with the Stars”

I’ve not actually sat down to watch this show EVER.  I have heard people go on and on about how fabulous it is and how entertained they are but I’ve never had a bone in my body that wanted to watch people dance on TV, let alone B list celebrities. However, I may have to give into the hype for the forthcoming season. The line up of celebrities taking part is out of this world and the bold and horrendous fashion statements are too good to miss…Here’s who has currently signed up for season 11 of Dancing With The Stars:

First up, Jennifer Grey! She’s the original dancing queen…”nobody puts baby in the corner.” Although these days, after several surgeries, she’s barely recognizable.

Bristol Palin is on the scene, you know the crazy wolf hunter’s (AKA Sarah Palin) daughter. Doesn’t Bristol have a baby she should be looking after instead of dancing up a storm?

Then there’s Audrina Patridge, from “The Hills.” Hey, she needs something to do now that the show is over!

Moving on, we have the once famous Brandy. Sort of thought she’d fallen off the face of the earth but here she stands!

No reality show is complete without a little Brady Bunch action…hence the presence of Florence Henderson.

The comedian Margaret Choo will be on the show. I can only think this is to lighten things up a bit. She doesn’t look the dancing type but she has a quick wit which will add to the show somehow I’m sure.

For the men, and I can’t believe I am actually saying this…the stars will include David Hassselhoff, Rick Fox and Michael Bolton!

So will you be tuning in?

Images courtesy of ABC via The Daily Mail.


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