House of Holland with Henry Holland and Blackberry at the Henry Holland Pub

Did you know there was a pub in London called the Henry Holland Pub? I had no idea! I actually thought this was a publicity stunt when I received the invite. I thought the PRs were transforming a space into a Henry Holland Pub for the event. But low and behold, there is actually a pub that shares a name with the famous fashion designer. It’s right across the street from Selfridges…which makes it even more shocking that I have never seen it before! I digress…

This evening, Blackberry invited me to come and participate in a viewing and Q’n’A with Henry Holland which took place directly after this Spring Summer 2011 show. Blackberry gave us the chance to have a private audience with Henry while the presentation was fresh in his mind…and it couldn’t get much fresher as he took a car directly over to the pub from the show’s venue after the last model left the catwalk. 

Henry is an absolute treasure.  Hearing him speak all you want to do is beg him to take you on for the role of best girlfriend.  Adorable isn’t even the right word for Mr. Holland.  What makes him even more irresistible is his knack for designing a raging outfit. Now I have to admit first and foremost that I was never a huge fan of House of Holland. I could appreciate what Henry was doing with his line and I could see the appeal but it wasn’t a style that I would have bought for my own closet. However, the line this year was less rage and more cocktail hour and I fell in love. In order to understand all that I am about to tell you about Henry and the House of Holland, let me show you the collection first…

Not what you were expecting is it?  One of the first questions asked of Henry was about the more sophisticated feel of his collection.  He explained that his clothing is made with his best girlfriends in mind. He always designs what he thinks they would wear.  And Henry explained that they are all growing older and instead of going to “squatter parties, they’re now attending cocktail parties.” He wanted to be able to dress  them for the occasion and thus provided a line that was appropriate.  And did he ever.  Each and every look that was presented was made for a young fearless lady moving into the grown up world of glitz and glam.  The banana leaf print garments had me drooling on my Evian bottle. Can you believe the purple long gown? I can’t even talk, I get all choked up! That will be my first purchase from Spring Summer 2011 LFW.  

One of Henry’s favourite items was the silk banana leaf print jumpsuit.  I immediately asked if he had someone particular in mind for wearing the piece. He said he hadn’t designed it with one woman in mind by Agyness Deyn had thrown the garment in a bag and taken it straight after the show. I have to admit I was so certain he would say he designed it with Agy as it’s perfect for her shape! 

What made Henry even more lovable was his appreciation for the opportunity to work with all of his friends and family on a daily basis. He really does surround himself with people he loves.  Even his aunt comes in every season to help him sew buttons on garments for the runway! How adorable is that?

He was even more cooo-worthy when he started talking about the cover he has designed for the new Blackberry Torch.  First of all…the Blackberry Torch. OMG! This phone is like Blackberry and iPhone having a child and it was named the Torch. Nothing will prepare you for how amazing this phone is.  But back to Holland.  Henry has designed a special cover for the new Blackberry Torch which allows all you ladies to keep the earring look while still talking on the phone.  Henry explained that the case was inspired by his mother who never even answers the front door without wearing her lipstick and earrings.

Here are some images of Henry and friends using the Torch with the new case…all courtesy of the new blog devoted to the case…

Absolutely amazing…no? Must have!!

Thank you to Blackberry and Henry Holland for a lovely evening!


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