Have you seen any John Galliano Graffiti in your London travels?

As you will already know from reading the blog, Elle Magazine is celebrating its 25th anniversary! They’ve had numerous events to commemorate the occasion and each and every one has been a treat to get involved with. The latest event involves anyone walking on the streets of London.

John Galliano has partnered with Elle for a ‘Fashion Graffiti’ campaign with artwork by the man himself!  The night before the start of London Fashion Week, under the cover of darkness, secret squirrels put down 10 pieces of street art in undisclosed locations around London.  The artworks are not permanent. They are made with a technology called ‘reverse graffiti’ in which a stencil is laid down then the area around the stencil is pressure washed. So with the first rain or street sweepers the prints will disappear!  

In order to find the pieces you have to follow the location clues laid out below.  If you should need further incentive to seek out the artworks here it is…the first person to find all 10 venues will receive a handmade piece of artwork from John Galliano! Happy Hunting!

1.Contemporary art locale and address of ELLE’s exclusive 25th  birthday party

2.The hottest street in London to head for a curry

3.The home of London Fashion Week and a place to get your skates on in winter

4.Where Napoleon did surrender (and catch a train to Portsmouth)

5.London’s riverside cultural mecca

6.Dedicated followers of fashion still flock to this birthplace of 1960s chic

7.A street performer-packed piazza in the heart of theatre land

8.Escape the pandemonium of Oxford Street in this quiet boutique-filled oasis

9.Where Jimmy Choo and Harold Tillman cut their teeth  

10.ELLE lives here


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