Gwyneth Paltrow a Country Singer? Nope, not buying it…

So I just tripped upon this Youtube video for the trailer of “Country Strong.”  Let’s start with the fashion angle. It’s a fashion extravaganza when it comes to Paltrow and Meester.  But is this right for a story on country music? Take a good look at Paltrow…she’s not a country girl. I want to love this movie, I do. But I can’t get over the fact that the lead is not at all right for the part. Gwyneth Paltrow is “Emma,” she’s a rich man’s wife, an 18th century goddess. She’s not a rock’n’roll, boot stomping country gal.  

I’ll see the movie because it does look good but I am bugged out by the casting job. Directors, how about casting because someone will be right for the movie? Not just because they are a big time star! I know, I know. That’s not how Hollywood operates.

Gwyneth…if you’re reading this…we love you…this just isn’t a right fit. However, you do look gorgeous throughout so we’ll be doing a good critique on the fashion!


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