French Connection to be sold in Sears Stores in the USA

The American department stores can’t seem to get enough of European high street stores, and vice versa.  Just on the heels of the announcement that JC Penney will be selling Mango, Sears has announced a partnership with French Connection which will result in the massive American department stores selling the UK high street label next Spring. Rather than carrying the standard name “French Connection UK” the new line will be titled “UK Style by French Connection”.  Interesting. Very interesting. The line will intially be sold in 200 stores across the country with an expansion to 500 later in the year.  Sears is hoping to continually refresh the stock with new product being released every six weeks. It has all the makings of a great collaboration. Plus, you get all the great styles of French Connection UK for 25% less in price!

Source WWD


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