Fashion Foie Gras meets Pixie Lott at Juicy Couture’s Fashion’s Night Out London

This evening I had the fabulous pleasure of meeting with THE hottest pop star in London at Juicy Couture‘s Fashion’s Night Out.  I don’t just mean hot on the music scene. This young lady is absolutely gorgeous. I had a chance to sit down and have a chat about style and fashion with Pixie Lott and what I learned truly did surprise me. Before I get into the nitty gritty I want to give a quick background on the wonderful Pixie for all my American readers who may not have had the extreme pleasure to hear Pixie Lott’s phenomenal signing voice. Take two seconds and watch the following video of what is my favourite Pixie tune…

So in that video we’ve established Pixie can sing, she can dance and she can wear a dress in a manner most girls only dream of. She’s worked hard to get where she is today. This is not a young lady that has rested on her laurels waiting for fame to come her way. She’s put in the time and she’s now reaping the rewards. So what makes this stylish diva tick? Well we threw ten questions at the girl with the gorgeous gams.

FFG: Has your style changed with your rise to fame?

Pixie: I think my style has changed more with age than anything else. I’ve always loved fashion and that will never change!

FFG: Who are your style icons?

Pixie: Edie Sedgwick and Bridget Bardot.

[Pixie answered this question very quickly and in such a genuine manner. Her answers took me by surprise as most young musicians these days would have given a standard and safe answer like Madonna, Cher or Britney Spears (oh shock horror!)…or something along those lines. But not Pixie. These women are truly her icons and you can see that her style is truly influenced by these fashion legends.]

FFG: Favourite Label, besides the gorgeous Juicy Couture you’re wearing now?

Pixie: I do love Juicy Couture. I’m a big fan of their quirky accessories and actually all the rings and necklaces I’m wearing now are Juicy. I just love how unique they all are. [She then proceeds to show me her double decker bus necklace that has a charm within…she knew what she was wearing inside and out!]. If it’s not Juicy I’m also a big fan of Moschino, Balenciaga, Fendi, Chanel…I also love Vintage shopping in London at Mint Vintage and Absolute Vintage in Brick Lane.

FFG: What’s your go to outfit?

Pixie: Definitely a little black dress like the one I’m wearing tonight from Juicy Couture and also the one I wore earlier for the photo call (picture below). I can dress them up with accessories or leather jackets, etc, and make them more rock’n’roll if I have to.

FFG: Now that you’re in the public eye are you more aware when it comes to what you’re wearing out of the house?

Pixie: I still dress pretty much the same but I can’t go out in pajamas or anything like that or I’ll get photographed in them!

FFG: If you could have a drink with any fashion designer, living or deceased, who would it be?

Pixie: Karl Lagerfeld. [didn’t miss a beat there…she seems to worship this man…but who doesn’t really? Pixie’s PR also chimed in and filled us in on the fact that Pixie actually got to meet Karl recently…see pic below…]

FFG: Speaking of Lagerfeld and Fashion Weeks to come, are we going to see you at any of the shows?

Pixie: I’m working on a lot at the moment with some new recordings but I’d love to come to some of the shows. It really depends on what I have time for. I love London Fashion Week.

FFG: Favourite Red Carpet moment and what did you wear?

Pixie: The Brit Awards this year were amazing and I wore this amazing dress that I co-designed with Kate Halfpenny. [ah, so she’s a designer as well! Pixie Lott is a regular renaissance woman!]

A big thank you to Juicy Couture for allowing us the chance to meet such an amazing young lady in a wonderful location….your store! Also a big thanks to Pixie Lott for taking the time out to talk to a fashion blogger. Trust me, there are plenty these days that would have turned their nose up at the idea and you’ve only just proved to us, and the whole online community, that you are an artist that appreciates all forms of creativity…even if it’s online!

Thank you to Terence Webb for donating his time and amazing photographic skills!


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