Discovering Bertie Shoes on South Molton Street

I’ve lived in London for eight years now and even after all that time I am discovering new and wonderful things about this city on a daily basis. If we’re being honest…it’s more like I’m discovering new and wonderful places to shop everyday! Let’s take this evening, for instance.  Of course I’ve seen Bertie stores before. But I’ve never had a real reason to go inside. I’ve just walked on by and thought to myself “well, there’s another shoe shop.”  Oh if I could slap my past self I would! Why have I never been in this store before?  I received an invite by email (see above) and thought I’d give it a shot.

There are no other words so I am just going to be crass here…holy crap! There were more purchase worthy boots in one square foot than anything I’d seen on South Molton Street before!  Yup, I am still kicking myself here. Before I go into the footwear let me show you a few pics from the atmosphere of the party. I have to apologise greatly to Bertie and my readers as my camera died AGAIN and I was left with only my Blackberry to guide me through the boot maze.

Now on to the merchandise.  I’m going to concentrate on the boots that I fell in love with and the boots that Bertie so nicely let me come home with. Their sitting right in front of me now and I’ve decided to name the right “Dolce” and the left “Gabbana” as they look like something that would have come straight out of the Italian duo’s workshop. Here they are…my new true loves…

I’m not going to spoil the wonderful experience of discovering all of these boots so I’ll leave you to your treasure hunting. But just a reminder…you don’t actually even have to step in store if you don’t want to as their whole shop is online.  In fact, these gorgeous boots, The Bettina Boot, are available to purchase now! Check out Bertie Shoes…I have a feeling you will be very pleasantly surprised when you see the quality you are getting for such low prices. A rare combination these days…good quality and reasonable prices.

Thanks, Bertie, for a wonderful evening and a wonderful new pair of boots to show off on the front row next week!


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