The Daily Mail reveals a new list of words for your fashion dictionary

Alright, I may be just way out of the loop here but I’ve only ever heard two of these – Jeggings and Skort. The rest are like a foreign language to me. Are teenagers really walking around saying this stuff?
Here’s what was listed…

  • Coatigan: Cardigan with a coat appearance
  • Cardigown: Cardigan, usually long and belted like a dressing gown
  • Jeggings: Leggings with denim qualities
  • Mackets: A cross between a mac and a jacket
  • Mandles: Sandals for men
  • Shacket: Jacket of shirt like appearance
  • Shoots: Not quite a shoe nor a boot but something in between
  • Skorts: Shorts with the look of a skirt i.e. culottes
  • Tregging:  Leggings of trouser like appearance
  • Whorts: Thick, often wool based shorts, normally worn with tights in winter
  • Read more here.


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