Barbie gets an internship with Nick Knight at Show Studio….ummmm, what?

I’d just like to know how Barbie lands an internship with Nick Knight and I’m left out in the cold bloggers’ night?! What does she have that I don’t? Sure, she has a body that rocks proportions I can only dream of…but she’s also only six inches tall (I’m closer to six feet but who’s counting). I’ll just have to put all prejudices aside and report the story without sounding too bitter here.

It’s true...Barbie has landed a prize internship. She’s assisting Nick Knight and the whole team from this Sunday through London Fashion Week.  I can’t wait to see Barbie trying to juggle ten venti caps from Starbucks for the crew! And, yes, we will get to see that for Barbie will be posting live video updates online at the blog!

So obviously all of this is a plug for the first fashionista of us all…the Barbie Doll.  It’s all in good fun and a great publicity stunt to launch the new Barbie Video doll – pictured above. Barbie becomes more than a doll. She’s a video camera! The camera is hidden in her necklace and there’s a video screen on her back.  She even has a USB plug in cord to insert right into your computer for downloading and amending footage. 

Perhaps this is meant to double as a nannycam for parents as well as a fun toy for kids and adults? What do you think? Will you be bringing Barbie along on your next fashion excurision to film from the front row? I can just see Anna Wintour now reaching for her video Barbie to capture a special moment!


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