Wear your Louboutins during London Fashion Week…get a free glass of champagne!

Shine up those Louboutins ladies! You finally have a reason to wear them, besides the old standby excuse of “but my legs look amazing in the CLs!”  During London Fashion Week, Mews of Mayfair will be offering a special treat of a free glass of Piper Heidsieck to any woman (not sure if they will offer the same for a man) that visits their fine establishment in a pair of Christian Louboutins. So, if you are headed there for lunch or dinner post or pre-catwalk show, make sure your wearing the tallest, sexiest version of Loubs that you can find!

PS. Not sure if they’re checking for labels but you could always re-enact what I saw in Paris last year for Fashion Week – a girl sitting in a cafe painting the bottom of her black stilettos red with rich red nail varnish!


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