UGG Australia is bringing you a different look this season

The first time I wore UGG boots into my London office, seven years ago, all of my co-workers made fun of me. They called me out on my “moonboots” and asked when I’d be moving to Mars. Obviously these were not fashion forward thinkers.  The “cool folk” in America had been wearing UGGs for years. Surfers swore by them on the west coast and fashionistas relied on them for comfort after a long day on the job.  Then suddenly UGGs became a huge fashion statement. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a colourful pair on Sex and The City and the world went wild. For years the boots would sell out instantly whenever they hit shop floors.  In fact, several Christmases went by when I was unable to acquire a new pair as I just couldn’t find them anywhere! The age of UGG had begun and it’s a trend that simply refuses to die. 

I now make a yearly pilgrimage to the store to purchase a new pair for “future feet happiness.”  Let’s be honest ladies, after all of the Louboutin, Blahnik and Choo pain that we put ourselves through on a regular basis it’s a good idea to pamper and my pampering is UGG. 

My annual journey to my new local UGG store (now in Covent Garden, London, England) came early this year when I received a call from the lovely PR inviting me down to take a look at the new Autumn Winter line up.  There is something so familiar and comforting for me about an UGG store. Call me cheesy. I know it’s an Australian outfit but the whole experience reminds me of my American home.  So, of course, I had a big toothy grin on my face as I walked in the door. However, the smile soon turned to a slight jaw drop.  I couldn’t believe all the new styles for fall! Seriously, UGG has been busy branching out. I’m pretty good about spotting pieces on the street but I would never have picked these boots or shoes out of a line up as UGGs.  Let me just give you a quick sneak peek at the lookbook for AW and you’ll see what I mean:

The Belcloud – above – is absolutely, hands down, palm to heart my favourite boot! It wasn’t in store when I went in or I would have happily left the store with a pair in a bag.  So look out for these guys in store later in September.  I predict a sell out.

Bottom line…UGG isn’t just about the classics anymore. They still stock them so if you need your fix they’re right there in store. However, if you’re willing to open up to the changing styles I believe you’ll find some quality items in store!

Thank you UGG, for a wonderful look at the new line.  Also, thank you for sending me away with a gorgeous pair of Kensington boots which I’ve been wearing all weekend without fail and have already had two requests for information on where to buy…


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