Topshop Makeup…It’s ‘Heavy Duty’ for Autumn/Winter

This evening I attended the preview of the new Autumn Winter Topshop Makeup Collection with Kristin Knox (AKA The Clothes Whisperer).  Kristin was looking absolutely amazing as always and putting me to shame with her fabulous fashion risks that always turn out looking so amazing!  Unfortunately the setting for the launch was a bit too dark for pictures so you’ll have to settle for my thorough run down by text. 

Before I go right into it…here are the pictures I do have to share:

I think Topshop gave the best quote about this collection when they said “With smudged smokey eyes and crimson lacquered lips worthy of an Olsen Twin, the collection is set to be this season’s must have accessory.”  And that isn’t just hype.  This line really is fabulous.  This is a tough makeup made for a girl who’s ready to take on a tough world!  The look is a combination of light and dark and the makeup is created in such a way that each woman can flatter their best assets whether that be lips, eyes or cheekbones.  

There will be seventeen pieces in total with price tags ranging from £6.00 to £10.00 which will hit stores in late September.

Here are some of the items we’ll be stocking in our makeup bags…

1. Nail lacquer in the rocking colour Metallic Khaki (you will love this).

2. Carbon Mascara which gives you diva lashes.

3. Kohl Dust: a revolutionary formula that crumbles and smudges to create the perfect smokey eye.

4. Lip Marker in Ultimate colour, a felt tip applicator for long lasting gorgeously bitten looking lips.


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