Timberland Earthkeepers might just turn me into an eco-friendly shopper

So just wondering if you’ve come across these uber-chic glasses from Timberland in your shopping adventures lately? I came across them the other day and actually thought they were a new, improved design for Rayban’s Wayfarers (yikes, don’t tell)!  They really are fab, n’est pas?  I’ve done a little digging as I noticed the label claimed they were “ecological frames”. Now I have no idea what that means in most cases. I have to admit that I am not an eco-friendly shopper (ie. I don’t buy based on what might be good for the environment). I know I need to change my ways so save me the lecture. I’m going to start with these little babies! Here’s what  makes they “eco-friendly”: They are made of plastic that is derived from plant oil and the temples are made from bamboo – both naturally renewable resources that represent a more environmentally-conscious way to make eyewear.

The glasses come in several different colour combinations but I went for the classic tortoise shell. They will last me forever as this is a trend that never dies. And you can show off the little metal plaque on the side of the frames that reads “Earthkeepers”. You’re doing your part at saving the earth one pair of sunglasses at a time 😉


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