Thinking ahead…cocktails for Bonfire night!

It’s just around the corner and I can barely believe it..BONFIRE night in the UK (November 5th)!  Several years ago I was in Cambridge for the massive festivities they have every year. I remember running between the boat houses (as I was dating a rower) and trying out all the different cocktails that I could in one night. Needless to say, the next morning I was worshipping the porcelain gods and wishing I had stuck to champagne. I do, however, remember one drink that really got my attention that I could have sipped all night. I didn’t have the focus needed at the time to think I should ask about what it was I was lusting after.  But I do remember it was like having a firework go off in my mouth. Just imagine my surprise at receiving an email this morning from Courvoisier which I believe is exactly the cocktail I was drinking…if it is in fact the same all I can say is this is a MUST for your Bonfire parties this year. Fireworks in your mouth, fireworks in the sky….yeehaw!

So here’s the recipe in case anyone wants to try…

3 parts Courvoisier VS

1 part Grenadine Syrup

1,5 parts Cherry liqueur

Fresh pineapple juice

Fresh grapefruit juice

Ginger ale

Lemon slice

Pineapple chunk


Place some lemon slices and pineapple chunks into the punch bowl. Add all other ingredients, lift with ginger ale and mix well with a ladleServe in a freshly iced tumbler with a lemon slice and pineapple chunk


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