Talbots’ new premium denim line is above and beyond the call of booty

I’ve gone on and on about how much I love new Talbots look but the truth of the matter is that I haven’t been in one US city long enough to go in and have a real look through the store. That was the case up until recently. Ladies, if you haven’t gone in store yet because you are still in the mindset that Talbots is a store that dresses your mother, it’s time to change everything! And why not make your start with their brand spanking new take on denim! Before I introduce you to the new line piece by piece, I want to share with you an amazing shot that Talbots posted recently to showcase the new line:

I’ve highlighted the lovely Mary Alice Stephenson as I am a big an of her work and her outfit here looks more like something that has come off the runway from Ralph Lauren than an outfit from Talbots!

I want to be very clear about the denim I am about to share with you. This is not denim made for a thirteen year old (as all other denim seems to be at the moment). This is a denim made for a powerful, gorgeous, confident woman who is proud of the age she is whether that is 25 or 65! These are jeans where you won’t have to worry about exposing your self when you bend over or reach for something on the top shelf.  These are jeans that move with you throughout your day whether your a mother, office worker or on the go gal.
Here’s a look at all the different styles on offer:

Talbots was kind enough to send me a pair of the Desert Wash Five Pocket Boyfriend Jeans which I absolutely adore. They are so young looking (meaning I feel younger when I wear them) yet they work in a way no pair of jeans I’ve ever owned has before.  They cover stuff up! I am even telling my mother she needs to get a pair and my mother is usually the one telling me what I need to buy myself.


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