New Online Publication: The Stylist Handbook

The Stylist Handbook is a new quarterly e-magazine, and the first of its kind, specific for fashion, wardrobe, image, set design and merchandising within the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries. Each season the publication features interviews with key stylists, celebrities, professionals, businesses, agencies, showrooms, and stories on up-and-coming designers, and trends. Plus a directory of agencies and fashion showrooms. That’s the official word on the product but I have a feeling this will be a magazine read by more than just stylists. After taking a look at the premiere issue I was very impressed by the quality of the publication and the way in which it fills a corner of the market that has never before been directly tapped! Devon Poer, the brainchild of this fabulous initiative, has a real winner on her hands. After all, it’s the stylists in this world that have the greatest influence on fashion trends for all of us. 

Take a look at the magazine herewith…and check out more about info on the magazine online

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