J.Crew’s Men’s Shop opens on Madison Avenue

It’s officially a man centred clothing revolution in New York City this year.  Every one wants a piece of the marketplace. Being a stylish man is the only man to be and of course that requires money spent on clothes to complete the look. We’ve already seen Hermes open a highly successful men’s shop in New York this year and there are several more on the books.  J.Crew is second in line with their opening of a high end speciality boutique built only for men…”Clothes Club for Men”…I couldn’t help myself.

The new J.Crew for Men on Madison Avenue is as manly as you can get. The whole vibe is “hunter lodge”, all 3,400 square feet of it! All the walls are in rustic unfinished pine which of course gives the store a lovely foresty type smell. Men are going to eat this place up! As the building used to be a bank J.Crew thought better of tearing out some of the fabulous details. So men can enjoy the vault on the lower level which houses all kinds of nifty accessories for the modern man.

A job well done. Two thumbs up for J.Crew. Now if I could only get my boyfriend in the front door…

Pictures courtesy of Robert Mitra, WWD


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