High Home Livin’ in the Low Country: Bloggin’ from the Southern States

I may be a big bad London girl but I never forget my roots as a Southern Belle. What’s that great saying? “You can take a girl out of Carolina but you can never take Carolina out of the girl”  Well, that will always be true for me.  Every year I come back to the Southern States of America and I live the life of simple pleasures. I remind myself of what it’s like to sit on a screen porch on a warm muggy evening and watch as a soul shaking storm passes overhead and out into the ocean.  I sip a cold coca cola from a glass bottle and thank God for ever cold sip that allows me to survive the scorching, wet heat.  I look around me and remember what it’s like to have a complete stranger wave or smile at you as if they had been your neighbour for years.  All of these things I miss with all of my heart when I am away in the city.  But inside of three days I am back to my old southern soul where life slows down a bit so that you can really see how lucky you are.  It will be hard to head back to London in one week’s time.  It’s always hard.  But I never for one moment forget that the South has become all the more dear to my heart because of my absence.

I arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina this past Saturday afternoon.  That’s where I grew up…in the South’s big banking city.  My parents still keep a house there but they also love the charms of the Southern Coast and have made a new home in Fripp Island, just off the coast of Beaufort, South Carolina.  It’s an island that is truly magical and overflowing with Southern delights.  Tonight is my last night at Fripp as I have business to attend to in Charlotte over the next week. So before I head towards the “City House” and away from paradise by the sea I thought I’d share some pictures of the week’s scenery with you.  I stupidly left my camera at home for this trip and was forced to snap away with my Blackberry. As you know that’s my third arm – it’s always with me come rain, shine, night or day! So without further ado…I give you my heart…by way of a Blackberry lens. 


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