Grace Coddington to pen memoirs…hallelujah! It’s been confirmed!

This is seriously my most exciting news of the day. Grace Coddington is one of my personal heroes. I firmly believe she is the world’s most talented stylist. You can always tell a Coddington editorial because it takes you away to another world when you come into contact with it in print.  Her shoots in Vogue grab me and draw me inside so that I’m instantly a princess in a fairytale, a character in a storybook or a woman on an adventure!

We’ve heard bits and pieces of Grace’s life story over the years. Everyone who has seen The September Issue knows that Grace was once a model in London and her career was tragically ended by a car accident.  However, that’s just a drop in the bucket of what has made Grace Coddingtont the woman that she is today!  Get thee to a writer’s desk, Grace! We want to hear it all, and then some!

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Grace’s work (I’m virtually slapping your wrist right now), here’s a look at some of what I consider to be her best work (all images are from issues of Vogue USA over the years, courtesy of Conde Nast):


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