Giving your dress the body it deserves, thanks to Technogym

Every woman comes in every conceivable size and shape.  Some are tall and skinny, some round and short and everything that falls in between.  No matter what card you were given for body type, one thing that is important for each and every one of us is making sure that our bodies are in the best shape possible. This has nothing to do with being the skinniest girl and everything to do with being the healthiest girl.  

I jog/run a 10k every day (or at least I try to run it every day…sometimes life and keeping up with the fashion world gets in the way).  I am not a stick figure. I am healthy.  I work out to keep my heart in good condition, not to wear a size four.  

Forgive me for being a total gym/fashion/tech geek here with this post but it’s all part of the all encompassing lifestyle approach I’m crafting here. We work hard to look good and to put forth the right image for the brands we represent…so this is useful information!

If I am being honest, working out is not fun.  I don’t go to the gym thinking, “Oh yay! I get to run and be sweaty and work hard for 65 minutes.”  I don’t know very many woman that do think like that. So, I’m often asked what’s my secret. How can I make it work every day?  

I watch television! Yup, it’s true. I watch TV programmes I have been saving up for months. In two weeks I can watch an entire season of America’s Next Top Model or Project Runway.  I figure I am doing research for the blog while keeping my body in tip top shape!  I am very lucky that I can do this with the newest technology available by Technogym.  No, I don’t have enough money yet to have one of these luxurious numbers in my house but I am lucky enough to belong to a gym that is completely stocked with these golden goodies!!! You see, each machine has a television attached to it and you can plug your iPod in and watch programmes you have personally downloaded.  Trust me, Technogym guys are on my list to kit out my first mansion (come on, rich husband… ;))  And I am not the only one who loves these machines.  Technogyms have had their product placed in ads for D&G; they have loyal celebrity followers like Tom Cruise, George Clooney and Madonna (to name but a few) and I can guarantee their list is only going to grow with the announcement of their latest machine.  

I just received the following email from the brand and I am signing up tomorrow for a bigger flat so I can  move one in immediately:

Technogym introduces its latest piece of revolutionary fitness equipment: Crossover.  Aerobics for the twenteens, this lateral trainer provides a complete upper and lower body workout and ensures maximum glute activation and calorie consumption. Crossover works on three planes with a gliding motion similar to ice-skating.  The arms are also incorporated to boost muscle tone and strength.

The dynamic and fluid movement of Crossover benefits users of all fitness levels and offers an intensive core workout which helps to improve balance and coordination. Following extensive bio mechanical studies on posture and movement trajectories, Crossover ensures low impact on the joints, whilst activating muscles that are not normally worked by conventional fitness equipment. This complete muscle activation optimises calorie burning whilst at the same time ensuring maximum body sculpting and toning for legs and glutes.

Ummmm….basically what you are saying is I get to do about ten different workouts all at the same time? Or breaking it down every further…I only need one piece of equipment to truly stay fit! Horray, yippee, thank goodness for men in lab coats creating marvelous machinery.  A price hasn’t yet been announced but if you have a flat large enough to accommodate such a machine I doubt price is truly a problem for you anyway….just sign up to get one now and I’ll come over and drool as you reveal your newest fashion accessory! Because this will be THE accessory of the season!

Now onto an announcement that will have EVERY BLOGGER fitting in their workouts on a daily basis:

Technogym’s new VISIOweb is the first fully integrated touch screen technology for fitness equipment; offering seamless access to internet, TV and iPod to the user. The VISIOweb technology features initially on Run Personal (AKA a treadmill). VISIOweb will also be available for all Technogym Excite equipment as of June 2010. In addition to internet access, the 19” VISIOweb touch screen also includes the following exclusive features not present in any other treadmill: iPod/ iPhone connection allowing audio and video features directly on the screen USB port for viewing/ listening to multimedia plugs-in like films, mp3s, photos, videos Online Personal Trainer offering interactive exercise guidance Games for training your mind while you train your body Plug&Train: the option to save training exercises on a USB key and activate the machine automatically IPTV: the first interface that can receive a TV signal via the PC network

Watch out world … I’ll be blogging from a treadmill before you know it!


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