Gilt Groupe’s Target sale brings me back to the Outnet $1 sale!

Ten seconds after Gilt Groupe opened today’s Mulberry for Target sale everything was sold out (or technically speaking, already claimed and sitting in other people’s carts)…

Here was the scene when the clock struck 12 noon in the US…

I managed to get the denim satchel in my bag and then waited 9 minutes and 45 seconds before they would let me pay for it! I know this because items are only in your bag for ten minutes before they are thrown back out for others to fetch. When my shopping cart finally decided to work the clock displayed fifteen seconds to complete my purchase. Thank god I had thought to put my credit card information in before the sale! If you didn’t do that you didn’t stand a chance! I’m getting better at this whole manic sale shopping stuff!

I have never been so pleased to receive an email from Gilt Groupe…and today it read….

I can only imagine what is going to happen when these items hit or stores across America…get your right hook ready ladies!


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