FFG’s Daily Fashion Blog Recommendation: Forbes Style

It’s been hyped as a lifestyle website, rather than a blog…however it’s easy going style of writing and personal touch make it worthy of a nod from the blogging community. I present to you…Forbes Style. Does the face and name look familiar? It should! That’s Emma Forbes, one of the UK’s most loved broadcasters. Her career has led her on great adventures both near and far from home and has exposed her to experiences some of us could only dream of! She’s starred on BBCs Celebrity Masterchef and shown she has quite a talent for cooking (which makes the recipe section of her website all the more credible). She’s a full time mum of two children (which will give her street-cred in discussing the difficulties of being a mother and a woman that’s career driven). Best of all, she seems to have a voice that makes us all feel she’s just like one of us.  Her prose are not intimidating or condescending. She writes as if she’s chatting to a room full of her best girlfriends!

The site is brand spankin’ new and with time will be a real force in the online community!

Congrats on a wonderful new adventure, Emma!


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