FFG’s Daily Fashion Blog Recommendation: The Clothes Whisperer

This is another blog dear to my heart. The Clothes Whisperer is written by a fabulous friend of mine, Kristin Knox. This is a woman, who at the age of 23, has accomplished more than most women I know in their fifities. Kristin is an energizer bunny. Seen the Alexander McQueen book on shelves recently? Yup, she wrote that! Picked up the Financial Times, Daily Mail or InStyle Magazine ever? Well chances are you will have read some of her stuff in their too.  She’s now working on a project that will revolutionize the fashion world when it’s released and in between everything else she writes one of the best blogs currently on the internet: The Clothes Whisperer. Her blog is always fresh, new and original. The Clothes Whisperer is deeply personal but perfectly composed for public consumption.  

Here’s what Kristin says about herself on the blog:

I’m a sardonic and sarcastic, half-Japanese, quarter-Danish, 100% type A-New Yorker-turned-Londoner, academic-turned-fashionista taking her first steps in the outside world beyond the ivory towers with a pint-size Pomeranian tucked in my Louis Vuitton and a bounce in my Margiela-obsessing hopefully Louboutin-shod step.  To the detriment of my bank account and the delight of my wardrobe, I seem to have been blessed with some serious shopping karma. If there’s a sale on, a sample up for grabs or a fab vintage secret depot, don’t worry, I’ll find it. Now coming into my second year residing in the borough of mighty Westminster, this blog chronicles the misadventures of myself and the quirky cast of characters whom I am fortunate to call my friends as we pick our proverbial way through the messy melee of the sartorial realm.  Fashion blogger, editrix, stylist and author, there’s no place on earth I cannot shop: I speak to fashion and it speaks to me. I also speak to Pomeranians in the privacy of my own home. Hence, Clothes “Whisperer.” I am also the author of Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation and am currently working on my second book, World Fashion, which is due out in September 2011. 

This blog is not about me glueing ribbons on to my mary janes and hand-ripping up a t-shirt so as to crown myself the next guru of DIY. Nor is it about who wore what when/pedantic trend analysis/styling tips/oooh-what-am-I-wearing-today. It’s about starting a conversation. To me, fashion is art. And art, be it the Mona Lisa, Paradise Lost or Chanel Couture, is meant to provoke thought, ignite and quell arguments, provide the mind, body and soul with food for thought. Or, in fashion’s case, food for fabulousness. My hope for this site is not to dictate trends or dispense advice from some sagely sartorial throne merely because my job title reads “fashionista.” It is instead to bring you into the creative and artistic world of the Whisperers, the network and discourse at the heart of artistic expression with a dash of dry humor, a crucial component of the human experience not often associated with our glamorous industry. 

I insist you follow this blog…trust me, it will be love from moment one!


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