FFG’s Daily Fashion Blog Recommendation: Really Ree

Really Ree is a breath of fresh air. A fashion blog that is a window into the heart and soul of a fashion enthusiast named Anne-Marie or “Ree” for short.  She shares her passion for style in posts that range from a dream dress to a decision on what pair of shoes to wear! With witty post titles like “Virgin Voyage to the Wedge of Reason” you can understand why this blog is an instant addiction!

What Really Ree has to say about herself:

My mum always tells me that when I was a tiny girl, I used to hang over the side of my pram and look at people’s shoes. And this is where the fascination for the beautiful things in life started.

Unfortunately, my mum made me wear ugly, sensible shoes, which I would cry at the sight of. She would chant in the background “You’ll thank me when you’re older”. Well I am older and I do thank her but it’s my time now and comfort is not always King.

My passion does not stop at shoes. I lust after clothes and accessories and makeup and all the new pretty things. Often they creep into my dreams. I have done two styling courses and a makeup course at the London College of Fashion which I loved, loved, loved. I care, sometimes obsess, about diet and fitness and am very partial to the ‘odd’ glass of wine. And these are the things I would love to talk to you about. I hope you enjoy it.

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