Duo Boots in store experience

So you’ll remember the DUO boots I raved on and on about last week. Well the lovely PR has just sent over some pics of me having way too much fun running around in their boots in the London fitting room. I thought I’d share. I’ll also say this.  There is one pic that was sent over, as you will see, that shows a great deal of cellulite. I thought two things when I opened up this pic…1. Back on the treadmill for me and 2. Maybe I’ll leave this pic out of the bunch.  Then I reconsidered. Most of us have cellulite and I am constantly preaching about the over-photoshopping of pictures in magazines. So, I’m including it. I’m coming out and saying, “yup, I have cellulite.” It sucks but I deal with it because I’m real. I’m not a page in a magazine.

Make sure you march your booties down to DUO boots to replicate the fabulous evening I had last week. Honestly, these girls are the sweetest thing since Southern Iced Tea! 


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