Carmen Kass is the face of Hoss Intropia Autumn/Winter 2010

Carmen Kass is a woman who has definitely earned her place on the list of the world’s top supermodels. Her look is timeless and effortless and one which every brand dreams of having to front their campaign.  I’m proud to announce that Carmen is the new leading lady for Hoss Intropia’s Autumn/Winter 2010.   Hoss Intropia is a brand that is beloved by women the world round.  It is a clothing company that understands women come in all shapes, sizes and colours. They are a company that want to improve on what you’ve got rather than trying to shape you into something different.  Who is more perfect for that sort of campaign than Carmen Kass? She’s the original “comfortable in her skin” type of girl! Just take a look at the following shots from their Look Book and you’ll see exactly what I mean…hell, she makes chess look cool and that is no easy task!

(I’ll just go ahead and admit that I am drooling over the gorgeous snood shown throughout – such a huge trend for the forthcoming season!)

Carmen took Hoss Intropia to her hometown, Tallinn, to shoot the new campaign for Autumn.  Perhaps the photoshoot looks so absolutely stunning and relaxed because Carmen played a huge role in setting the scenes.  The entire look book is a story told by Carmen and it’s a story which shows her love for her roots as well as her passion for chess (who knew…?). However, it would be VERY difficult to find a scene in which any of these clothes could come across as anything less than amazing.  I’m a huge fan of Hoss Intropia. It’s no lie that this brand is a FRIEND to women everywhere. They truly do want you to look amazing. Their clothes are designed to flatter the figure you’re working with. They aren’t pieces that say, “Hey babe, lose twenty and I’ll look amazing on you.”  They’re clothes that say, “Step out that door and put a swagger in your step…prepare yourself as people will stare at your gorgeous-ness”…

Sincerest congratulations to Carmen Kass and Hoss Intropia…a match made in heaven! 


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