Bullet Girl…don’t mess with a girl adorned in bullets…

Do not adjust your screens. You are seeing this correctly…a jewelry line based on the beauty of bullets. Hey, in a way it’s just crafty recycling. We do seem to be going through a lot of bullets these days so why not use the empty shells and turn them into something beautiful? That’s exactly what Bullet Girl has done and oh how well they’ve done it. I am head over heels in love with their jeweled “Love” silver bullet necklace (see below). Don’t be surprised when you see me in Paris, Milan, New York or London, sporting one of these pieces. They’re not all in my taste but there are some good pieces in the bunch…check them out online now. And yes, there is a political statement being made her in turning “something made for destruction into something beautiful.” Whether you want to partake in the political war is up to you. But, if you are in it for the fashion it’s worth a look just the same!


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