THE Boot of the season! I’ve found it and it will fit any calf size, big or small!

This week I’m spending time on boots…all sorts of boots. Tall, short, heeled, flat, suede, velvet…you name it, thus far I have seen it!  However, today I came face to face with what I have been searching for for years. My pulse quickened, a bead of sweat trickled down my forehead followed by a single tear down my cheek.  I was in love and this love was completely unexpected. That’s how it happens and what makes it hit the hardest.  Pictured above, you are looking at a image of my “sole mate!”  The Elm Boot from DUO!  Take a guess, just a guess, at how much you think this boot costs.  Let’s consider it looks like a member of the Burberry aviator jacket family.  The aviator will set you back at least £1000. Boots seem to be running in that same price bracket these days.  I prepared myself for the worst as I flipped over the boot to check the price tag. If it was less than £995 I would get a pair in both the tan and the black.  Ladies…what I am about to tell you may cause some of you to lose the ability to stand so please take a seat.  The price tag on the bottom of The Elm Boot from DUO was £205!!!!!! No, I did not forget a zero. Can you believe that price? Ah sweet fashion gods, thank you for shining down on me.

I have to take a few steps back here and tell you a little bit more about Duo Boots. I’m not going to beat around the bush here. This whole concept is so long overdue.  Duo Boots is the only company I know of that brings you on trend boots in sizes 2-10UK (4-12 USA) and also in 21 different calf widths! Can you even think of one other brand that has done that?! It’s supreme customer service!

I called several of my girlfriends this evening before sitting down to write this post and asked them what they looked for in their dream boot.  Their answers surprised the boot socks off of me. Of course every single one of them stated style first, however the very next answer was fit!  It turns out many woman have a great fight ahead of them in finding fashionable boots that will perfectly fit their calves!

I am very limited in my own choice for boots because I have very muscular calves. So muscular in fact that they are 40cm around.  Let’s remember I’m 6’2 and athletic. I was never going to be blessed with dainty calf muscles.  As a result, throughout my life I have passed on boot after boot because I could not zip the side or pull the top over what I had just come to accept were my massive calves! 

Most boots, designer or high street, have a calf width of 36cm! Considering the fact that every single woman is built differently and that every other item for fashion that we purchase comes in sizes to fit our bodies, it makes complete sense for boots to come in calf sizes as well. 

This blog has always been about women dressing fashionably, no matter what their size. And the only way to dress in the correct manner for any fashion is dressing yourself in the correct fit! Now you can do this with your boots. You no longer need to have mid-calf muffin top because a boot doesn’t fit correctly. Take some time, as you should with all fashion, and find the right fit! DUO is the only company I know of that will give you an exact fit for your calf in any size that you require. 

I STRONGLY encourage you to check out this site.  And, if you live in London, Bath, Manchester or Edinburgh check out locations where you can visit either a fitting room or store in person. It’s easy to measure yourself for the boots and find the perfect size online.  Then the boots are rushed to you no matter where you are in the world! That’s right my American readers, it’s not just the UK girls that get to have all the fun…DUO will ship anywhere and everywhere! I had a fitting this evening and I have to say I love the specialist on hand who gave pointers on everything from fit to caring for the boots in the rainy London weather.

I would encourage you to get your orders in ASAP on the new Autumn Winter range as these styles as so on trend they won’t be around for long! Buy now, keep forever! And keep a look at for me in September at Fashion Week. I’ll be sporting these guys!


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