Victoria named Creative Design Executive at Range Rover….ummmm What?

This has to be the most unlikely combination: Victoria Beckham and Range Rover.  Frankly, I’m a little stunned. I thought more of Range Rover. They are a respected brand that doesn’t need celebrity endorsement in an official capacity. Every celebrity with any status already has a blacked out Range Rover in their name.  So what is Posh going to bring to the brand, other than doing exactly what she did for Hermes Birkin bags…make it look common (although you can’t exactly make a “fake” Range Rover). 

Don’t get me wrong. I can imagine you are reading the above paragraph and thinking I’m not a big fan of Victoria Beckham. That’s absolutely not true. I think the world of her. I love her fashion label and I think she has a real talent for clothing design. Each and every look she creates, whether casual streetwear or pret-a-porter runway dresses, is reproduced in one way or another and sported by the masses.  She is a fashion icon.  Now, what on earth could that do for Range Rover other than make them look like they are trying way too hard?


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