ummmm…..Boob Camp….? That’s not a typo.

No woman can escape the effects of gravity. Unfortunately skin sags and boobs face downwards as time moves on…unless, of course, you decide to call doc hollywood and arrange for a tune up.  That seems to be the way most women are moving these days. However, for many of us, faux-boobs are not the answer and we’d rather work with what “our mommas gave us.” In a recent global COIN survey commissioned by Triumph, it was revealed that 78% of UK women have concerns with their bust. Sagging breasts was the major issue with 46% of women in the UK concerned about this (and 32% of women globally 1). In addition, a second national survey, revealed that half of us (49%) would like to change the size our breasts and many of us, especially in London, are envious of our friends’ breasts. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Those are some hardcore facts.

So just as I’ve hit thirty it’s interesting that I start getting email after email about bust firming cream or special pumps that I can use to improve my bust-area.  I never thought this was a huge issue but apparently it’s sweeping the world!  However, I am not in the game of doing anything totally unnatural, which is why the email I received this morning was one I decided I would share with you. 

Apparently there is a new workout on the market that is trying to help you maintain your lovely breasties…

Developed exclusively for Triumph by ex Military instructors at leading fitness camp No.1 Boot Camp and sport music experts AudioFuel, the bustercise regime targets the bust and the back for optimum results. Combining audio instruction with energizing music that has a beat to match, the 30 minute session is designed to tone and firm the muscles that support the bust area. This unique routine, done regularly will help prevent a sagging bust line and avoid back pain.The audio regime is available free to download to your MP3 player from so you can easily do the work out at home, in the park or in the gym. At the same time, enter the exclusive prize draw to win a week at No.1 Boot Camp.

So there you have it, ladies. That’s my informative email of the day. Let me know if you do try it and if you think it’s working. I’ve downloaded the lot and will try it out tonight when I get home.  Watch out world, the ladies are coming back up!


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