The Trafalgar Roof Terrace Bar in London….my prediction…the next London hotspot

Last night I was invited to scope out the newly renovated roof terrace at the Trafalgar Hotel on Trafalgar Square in London.  I need to take a few steps back before I give you the low down on what is sure to be the hottest spot this summer in London…

Perhaps two to three years ago a friend asked me to meet her for a drink on the roof of the Trafalgar Hotel. She had read a review somewhere that it had the best view of any roof bar in all of London.  That was quite the claim and we wanted to go and give it a thorough once over to see if the critics were telling the truth. In fact, they hadn’t done it justice. It was phenomenal. Not one landmark on the London skyline was hidden from one’s eye as we circled the terrace.  However, there was a problem, it only took five seconds to circle the terrace. We stayed for two seconds to salute Big Ben and after having been elbowed at least a dozen times in the ribs by people attempting to lift their champagne flutes to their mouths, we escaped and went to a nearby pub for the rest of the evening.  You see, the bar was so small at that point we could barely move at all. So, you will understand that I came back to the hotel last night not knowing what to expect as I had been so terribly let down the last time I visited.

I can honestly say I have never been more impressed with a transformation of a London establishment.  Obviously someone at the Trafalgar woke up and realized that with a view so fantastic that draws in the crowds you have to give a space big enough to accommodate the masses.  And while creating a space to fit large groups of people you have to make sure they are comfortable and kept entertained with good cocktails, good company and fantastic music. The Trafalgar has done all of that and more.  There’s more space which features a fantastic monochromatic decoration. The decoration is simple and modern and allows for one to focus all their attention on one’s drinking partner or the gorgeous surroundings.  Speaking of gorgeous surroundings, here’s some close-ups of exactly what you get to see from the roof:

If you can take your eyes away from the view for two seconds you might want to glance down at the menu which is full of delicious refreshing cocktails (that go down way too easily) and some appetizers that will keep your jaw working overtime throughout the evening.  

Every single one of your senses is engaged on Roof Terrace: Sight – the view ; Taste – the cool cocktails; Scent – the smell of the lovely appetizers (my personal favourite being the warm figs wrapped in bacon which come resting on a river of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar); Touch – the lovely and soft blankets that are draped upon your lap when the atmosphere cools ; and finally, Sound – chitter chatter mixed with mellow tunes. 

Here are a few pics to prove my point…

It’s only mid-July now, which means you have at least another two months to enjoy this gorgeous British summer we’ve been blessed with.  So if you have a free night head down to the bar for a tipple and a treat.  If you’re a little more adventurous you can plan a party there! That’s what’s next on my agenda…so stay tuned for that!  I also got a hot tip that the roof bar won’t be closing this year when the weather turns…more news on that later!

Here’s the nitty gritty on location, hours, etc.


Call 44020 7870 2900 to make a reservation

Opening Hours: Sunday 12:00-22:00 Monday 12:00-23:00 Tuesday 12:00-23:00 Wednesday 12:00-23:00 Thursday 12:00-23:00 Friday 12:00-23:00 Saturday 12:00-23:00

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