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Over the past year I have met the most amazing men and women who, like me, spend hours a day writing on the internet about fashion and style.  They put their heart and soul into their sites and after time these sites begin to take on a life of their own and more or less become your first born child. I’ve also spent a lot of time talking to men and women who wonder if what they write is just floating out there in cyberspace being read by all the wrong people. After all, everyone would like to think that what they are writing is being read by fellow fashionistas who get a thing or two out of your hard work.  Which leads me to what this post is all about.  I have been extremely blessed over the past three months with the success of my blog and I owe this to a thousand and one people as well as a big chunk of hard work and of course luck.  Well it’s no fun being successful if you can’t help some people when you get there.  So…I am taking on a new feature on a blog.  I will be writing a “Daily Fashion Blog Recommendation” post every 24 hours.  I want to make sure that the blogs that have heart and soul receive the love and affection of readers! 

I already read 300 blogs a day, looking at talents that far exceed mine.  I want to know what I am missing. There are millions of fashion blogs and I know that there are thousands I haven’t even laid eyes on that are absolute gems! 

So…Here’s how it’s going to work.  I want your feedback! I will tweet ( @fashionfoiegras ) about this today and I want all of my followers to retweet to theirs this new project. Below this post I would like for you to take a moment to “comment”. Put in a link to your site or the site that you are recommending to be featured.  Then send me an email ( ) telling me, in 500 words or less, why this site should be featured, and please also include the link again.  I will, of course, check it out and if it’s up to scruff, my readers become your readers!  

Hopefully this new feature isn’t just helping the fashion bloggers but also all the PRs, editors and stylists who read my blog. You are now given a daily dose of the stylistas to keep an eye out for!

At the moment I pledge to keep this a project that is open for 365 days…that means 365 fashion blog features from today until July 18th 2011! (dear goodness, what have I gotten myself into! LOL)  


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