SPF is no joke. Be Prepared!

Huge admission of guilt here…I have yet to put SPF on my face. I was the little kid that ran away from my mom at the beach when she was trying to cover us in sunscreen. The idea just sort of stuck with me and I decided I’d rather be brown than white. I laid in the sun for years without thinking twice about wrinkles or sunspots. I was invisible! Well, once you hit thirty and that first wrinkle appears it’s like your whole beauty regime, or lack there of, has been hit by a mack truck.  Your face starts showing all the years in which you left it by the wayside after nights on town or crazy weekends away. Suddenly my face is a map of all the moments of fun I have had over the years! That is not a good thing!

So for the first time, as I head to the beach this weekend, I am covering my face! I’ve asked around and the beauty pros all seem to agree that Shiseido‘s Urban Environment UV Protection is the best on planet earth when it comes to sun protection. My go to girl uses the 50 SPF everyday and I have to tell you that although she is ten years older than me, she looks my age! Damn! The cream smells good, lasts for eight hours of protection (which is much longer than you usually need in London for as much as we see the sun) and has a special non-sticky consistency.  Pretty good, no? It also won’t set you back an arm and a leg…always good to keep the credit card chasers at bay!

Whether you use Shiseido or something else, do cover up. Your face is always the first thing anyone sees and plastic surgery isn’t an option right now (at least not until they can figure out a way to make women look more natural and less like they are stuck in a constant state of shock). 


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