Norma Kamali’s Sleepwear for Walmart: A First Look

If you’re a fan of Norma Kamali, Oct10th is a date you’ll want to put in your calendars right now.  That’s the date that the new sleepwear line from Kamali will be available at Walmart across the United States. WWD provided the first images this morning of the new line which have a feel of high-end lounge wear rather than Walmart pajamas. That’s what we love about designer collections coming out of mega retail outlets… The Kamali range has always been a “must see” and the sleepwear looks like it is no different.  Doesn’t matter your size, either, for this particular designer range.  The sizes go all the way from small to 3X. There’s no excuse anymore for wearing that same pajamas you’ve had since college!

Check out what’s in stock for Kamali at Walmart now….


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