My fourth of July celebration in Maine

I am based in London, but I’m an American and it was a great honour to have the opportunity to spend fourth of July at home with my family at my family’s summer homes in Maine.  It was also a big weekend as I was introducing the BF to my entire extended family for the first time. I had planned not to blog the entire week that I was there but there was just way too damn much happening in the world of fashion for me to turn my head in the other direction! However, the blogposts were fewer and I do apologize for that.  To make it up to you…let me show you why I was so distracted and why it took every ounce of effort to sit down and keep up with what was going outside the world of Mai Tais and sandy beaches. (also a quick apology as I didn’t have my proper camera with me on the trip so these aren’t the usual high standard…)


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