Katy Perry will Launch Fragrance…

Another fragrance from a celebrity? Are you kidding me? Who is buying this stuff?  Someone must be putting the bottles on the cash counter as Katy Perry is launching “Purr by Katy Perry” in November at Nordstrom across the United States.  The beauty editors of the world get to take a sniff tonight in a special preview to decide if the product is up to snuff and worth featuring.  My bet is if the money’s right for ad spend, we’ll see some glowing reviews around Halloween time.

We have been given some details on the fragrance. For example, it is developed by Firmenich.  It has notes of peach, apple and bamboo, jasmine, freesia, bulgarian rose, vanilla, amber, sandalwood and musk.  Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s a hell of a lot of scents to capture in one bottle. Hodge Podge much?  The bottle itself is cat-shaped and lavender with jeweled eyes…will you be purchasing? Call my cynical but I believe most people that will shell out the money for this scent don’t give a damn about the smell…they are under the impression that somehow it makes them smell like Kate Perry. Newsflash, most celebrities don’t wear the scents they attach their name to.


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