It’s a Timex watch?! Are you sure?!

When I look first saw this watch from a distance on the wrist of a fellow plane passenger last week I thought it was an Hermes heirloom.  I approached the traveller with care in thinking that I would be told that in order to purchase such an item I would have to search every auction catalogue for the next ten years.  You can only imagine my surprise when I was shown the face of the watch and the “Timex” logo stared back at me.  “A Timex?, ” I said. Was the world playing a trick on me?  I had only ever worn Timex for vacations when I didn’t care if the watch came home with me. But here, right in front of me was a watch I would be devastated to part with.  I haven’t even come to the best part….I just found the same watch online at Endless for $39.96!!!!! Just thought I would share in case you are in the market for a new stylish time piece.


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